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Aaron Rodgers or Alex Smith: Who is playing better right now?
Bernster 101 days ago
- 0 + Knee jerk reaction is Rodgers but...
Russell Westbrook may sign massive extension with Thunder
Bernster 206 days ago
- 0 + That's a lot of dough
Report: Raptors, Magic can’t trade with each other for a year
Bernster 238 days ago
- 0 + This is stupid. How is this a reasonable option?
Nigerian refugee asks Michigan's Jim Harbaugh why sport is called 'football'
Bernster 272 days ago
- 0 + A question asked by everyone from outside of North America
NFL Draft rumors: Browns price to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo
Bernster 272 days ago
- 0 + I don't think any quarterback wants to go to Cleveland