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The Los Angeles Rams have spent their entire offseason loading up on defense. And that makes them Super Bowl contenders now.
Here's a closer look at best- and worst-case scenarios for every team with free agency set to kick off at 4 p.m. ET on March 14.
Jorge Bonifacio won't be in the Royals' Opening Day lineup after all
It's almost time for the NCAA tournament selection committee's big moment. But it will have a tougher time with this year's bracket thanks to sticky issues such as evaluating Oklahoma's tumble and weighing the credentials of potential No. 1 seeds.
AJ McCarron's most likely free-agent destination has been taken off the market. Where does he fit now? Here's who was affected most by Friday's moves.
Brad Marchand was involved in another questionable hit, this time a mid-air clothesline on Anthony Duclair, but even with his history, Craig Button believes it was an accidental collision and explains his thoughts.