The NHL could be placing time limitations on referees when reviewing plays in the future.
New England Patriots president Jonathan Kraft says quarterback Tom Brady has earned the right to decide when to retire.
The Browns, who have had 28 starting quarterbacks since 1999, are hoping to find their forever QB this spring
Mavs star Dirk Nowitzki disagrees with the stated notion by owner Mark Cuban that the team's best bet for this season is to tank.
Any evidence that an NBA team's coach or players intentionally lost a game will be "met with the swiftest and harshest response possible from the league office," according to a memo by commissioner Adam Silver obtained by USA Today Sports.
Brad Marchand was involved in another questionable hit, this time a mid-air clothesline on Anthony Duclair, but even with his history, Craig Button believes it was an accidental collision and explains his thoughts.
More than half of the NHL's 31 teams qualify for the playoffs under the current format. GMs are game to add more. Would a one-off wild-card round add drama? Or could "play-in" games cheapen the glorious war of attrition that is waged through four rounds?
The hottest player on the Toronto Maple Leafs keeps rolling in a milestone game, the best player on the Edmonton Oilers proves why he's considered such and second-overall pick continues to produce in his latest home. And is the dynasty over?
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