You could argue, though, that being forced to play catch-up simply means Calgary is now in its comfort zone.
That the Edmonton Oilers have figured out how to win Games 2 and 3 on the strength of three goals in total is as exciting to their players as it is disconcerting for the rest of the NHL.
If you count yourself among the legion of long-sufferers – the paper-bag-wearing, waffle-tossing folks who’ve repeatedly been punched in the gut by their love of the Toronto Maple Leafs – it simply doesn’t get much better than this.
Regular season awards in sports are an interesting thing. Fans and analysts spend day after leading up to the end of the season pouring over candidates and scrutinizing how each one of them performs.
It was noticeable all the way back at the start of the 2016-17 season that the NHL rookie class was something special. Whether they concluded their freshman campaigns or are in the middle of a playoff
The Calgary Flames are heading home down 0-2, and everyone obviously needs to play better for them to get back into their first-round Stanley Cup playoff series against the Anaheim Ducks.
Despite winning their last game in thrilling fashion, the Sens should consider themselves lucky to be tied 1-1 in the series and not down 0-2.