It's simply impossible for a team with a 2-0 series lead to match the desperation of a club trailing 2-0. The Winnipeg Jets learned that the hard way Sunday night with a Game 3 loss to Minnesota.
Despite Philadelphia's best attempts—unending choruses of "Crosby Sucks!" chants and pictures of the Penguins captain in every urinal in the arena—Sidney Crosby's four-point night helped Pittsburgh earn the win.
Punk will try at least one more time to make his mark in the mixed martial arts world
The former Heisman Trophy winner is hoping for another shot to play in the NFL
The New York Knicks are reportedly planning on contacting Raptors 905 head coach Jerry Stackhouse as part of their search to fill their vacant head coaching position.
Philadelphia are surprising even their staunchest supporters with their success this year. But are Sixers fans getting a wee bit carried away?
Alexi Lalas warns American fans about mistaking fan violence for authentic soccer culture in his latest State of the Union Podcast.
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