The JaVale McGee signing keeps the Warriors' core together. How much better will the Warriors be? The rest of the NBA will find out the hard way. 
Adidas said it was the wrong choice to replace the female referee who gave LaVar Ball a technical foul and pushed back against the notion that the company would compromise its inclusive values.
L.A.'s storied summer league lands first public display of Houston's new superstar backcourt
It started so well, with crowds and attention for an event that usually doesn't get those crowds or that attention. Then things went downhill. That's how it works with LaVar Ball. He cannot help himself. It has to be about him. That's a problem.
Young students are buying Irving's conspiracy theory, leaving many teachers flustered
To be around the New York Knicks during the 1987-88 and 1988-89 seasons was to be around a team that was the complete opposite of today's rudderless, drama-filled organization...
Imagine thinking it's too early to discuss 2018 NBA free agency. Plenty of 2017 dominoes still need to fall (howdy, Nerlens Noel), but next year's available names are already beckoning—and they want us to know they wish it were 2016...