The NHL is moving up its All-Star skills competition and game next season.
The off-shore holding companies that own a percentage of the Miami Marlins were created for one purpose: enabling the team to evade taxes.
Not 10 minutes had ticked away in the opening salvo of the Winnipeg Jets–Minnesota Wild series before a tall pane of Plexiglas had been popped out of it stanchion.
Marc-Andre Fleury made 30 saves for his 11th career playoff shutout, Shea Theodore scored in the first period and the Vegas Golden Knights beat the Los Angeles Kings 1-0 on Wednesday night to win the franchise's first playoff game.
Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins sent a message in their playoff opener.
The Magic have fired coach Frank Vogel after a two-season run; the team didn't reach 30 wins either year.
Can Houston unseat Golden State? Is Cleveland a sleeping giant? The storylines are endless as we embark on the NBA's binge-worthy second season.
The Knicks dismissed coach Jeff Hornacek after two seasons in which the team went 60-104, the sixth-worst record in the NBA over that stretch.
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